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Articles about Commercial


Commercial | November 2019 
Run Ahead of the Pack
Commercial mortgage brokers specializing in U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loans have largely overcome the negative perceptions about the program, but they now face another problem: managing...
By Ray Drew, vice president, Ready Capital

Commercial | November 2019 
Underwriting the Upside of Coworking
Definition Coworking Coworking provides space for people who are self-...
By Itay Banayan, vice president of real estate, Mindspace

Commercial | November 2019 
Take Another Stroll Down Opportunity Street
One of the worst moments in the U.S. housing market also spurred a big opportunity for investors in single-family rental properties. Investment companies bought thousands of homes at bargain prices in...
By Dennis Spivey, vice president of originations, CoreVest Finance

Commercial | November 2019 
Loosen the Ropes
In this period of divided government in Washington, D.C., the prospects of Congress further unwinding Obama-era regulations on commercial real estate lenders isn’t likely. During the Trump administrat...
By Jeff Levin, founder and president, Specialty Lending Group and Pinewood Financial

Commercial | November 2019 
Trends to Watch in 2020
As we near the end of 2019, the economic outlook is increasingly uncertain. A real estate downturn is eventually expected to follow this extended upswing that began after the financial crash a decade ...
By Pat Jackson, CEO, Sabal Capital Partners LLC

Commercial | November 2019 
Build a Different Bridge
Obtaining financing can be an exciting but tricky endeavor. Part of the challenge in certain transactions is to figure out how to best stack the capital. Your client needs to decide whether to u...
By David Kotter, principal, Integrity Capital LLC

Commercial | October 2019 
Down the Bumpy Road of CMBS Loan Assumptions
Commercial real estate deals face special problems when a seller has a loan locked into a commercial mortgage-backed security (CMBS). The seller often can’t find a viable way to get out of the loan ea...
By Ann Hambly, founder and CEO, 1st Service Solutions

Commercial | October 2019 
Bulletproof a Hotel Before the Sale
The hotel industry is bound to see a flurry of property sales when the next economic downturn hits. Opportunistic investors tend to take out hotel loans during harder times in anticipation of a sell-o...
By Jay Litt, president, The Litt Group; and Marc Fleischer, owner, DLB Project Coordination and Management LLC

Commercial | October 2019 
The Little Loan That Could
An entrepreneur has a clever concept, a comprehensive business plan, an inspiring work ethic and a robust desire to succeed. He gets his business off the ground and has been doing well, but needs to e...
By Brian Bodo, director of government lending, Firstrust Bank

Commercial | October 2019 
Launch an Urban Renewal
Across the country, there are countless struggling neighborhoods in need of renewal and also a tremendous demand for affordable rental housing, but it typically takes government incentives to spur a r...
By Jovan Vaughn, designated broker, Mortgage Point

Commercial | October 2019 
Hotel Points to Ponder
U.S. hotels have been doing well. Occupancy levels have been shattering records and revenues remain strong. Given the solid fundamentals and favorable outlook for the hospitality sector, real estate i...
By Ethan Schelin, president, Virtua Credit

Commercial | October 2019 
When Worlds Collide
Bridge loans are, by definition, unconventional. The deals associated with this type of financing often involve unusual circumstances, short terms and tight closing deadlines. And yet, the most conven...
By Tim Tower, vice president of business development, Northeast Bank

Commercial | September 2019 
The New Kid on the Block
In today’s strong economy, lenders and investors are looking for yield, and credit unions are no exception. Last year, credit unions significantly expanded their presence in commercial real estate fin...
By Dan Gushue, chief credit officer, Extensia Financial

Commercial | September 2019 
Avoid the Short-Term Trap
Sometimes it seems your only choices in funding a commercial real estate deal lead to a short-term trap. You have the option of gambling on an adjustable interest rate, or going for a fixed-rate loan ...
By Noah Grayson, president and founder, South End Capital Corp. (SECC)

Commercial | September 2019 
Shaking the Foundations
The hotel industry has experienced a major disruption in recent years due to the meteoric rise of Airbnb. The California startup mushroomed into a $38 billion business in less than a decade. The...
By Ben Mizes, co-founder and CEO, Clever Real Estate


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