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Broker FAQ: Replies to Scenarios


Lenders who advertise in Scotsman Guide are able to post replies to brokers' posts.  Brokers follow a link from their Loan Post Reply Alert e-mail to see the identity, contact information and content of the reply. All communication between the broker and lender remain theirs; Scotsman Guide does not track the progress of scenarios from posting to funding.

How do I know if a lender replied to my scenario?
Check your e-mail for broker alerts from

You will receive an e-mail message each time a reply is posted to your scenario. Open the e-mail and click the "See the latest reply to your posting now! GO" link, which will take you to your scenario. Replies are displayed directly under your scenario. Broker e-mail alerts display best as HTML e-mails.

What information is in the reply?
The lender's reply will display the name and e-mail address of the account executive and the company's name and phone number. You can click the e-mail address to send a pre-addressed message to the lender. Click the underlined name of the company to visit the lender's directory page on There, you can see if the lender is a bank, a correspondent, a private lender or another entity. If the lender is a display advertiser, you can click the Display Advertiser icon on the reply to see its ad in our print edition.

How long does it take to get a reply?
Lenders can reply within minutes and for as long as you leave your scenario open.

I can help brokers with their loans. How do I reply?
Only lenders that advertise in Scotsman Guide can reply. To become an advertiser, e-mail For advertising info, click here.

I didn't get any replies. What do I do?
Consult the matrix listings in Scotsman Guide's print edition. Or use the resources on -- such as the Search Wizard -- to help place your loan.

I don't want any more replies to my scenario. What do I do?
Close your post. To do this, log in, open your scenario by clicking on the red underlined title, and click the "Close Post" button to the lower right of your scenario.

I can see the replies to other brokers' loans. Why is that?
We designed Loan Post so it could be used as a search engine for up-to-date information about who can fund different types of loans. After posting your loan, use the "Advanced Search" button to add your scenario data and search for loan scenarios like yours that have received replies. Be sure to click the "Yes" item in the "Lender Replies?" field. Click "Update Results" to see a list of similar scenarios. Open them by clicking the red underlined descriptions to see who replied and how to e-mail or call them.

Search Loan Post for scenarios like yours to see who is lending in your territory TODAY!

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