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25% LTV Industrial Park and mine 11/7/2018 7:50:32 PM  Broker Location: FL/34982 Commercial/IT/
PostID: 41663     Status: Open  
Loan Info:  
Amount $12,500,000 
Appraised Value $60,000,000 
LTV 25% 
Loan Term  
Loan Amortization  
Product Type  
Property Type Industrial 
Purpose Blanket loan 
Doc Type Full Doc 
Borrower FICO  
Borrower DTI  
General Notes: Owner has 4 properties with individual loans. He wants to consolidate all loans. One property for collaterization is OO mine with valuation of $40mm USD and is close to being completely debt free. He will use this as part of the collaterization of the other properties. The other properties consist of 12 NOO warehouses that are 60% completed but already sold. This file is in prime commercial territory in Bogota. Owner is in US and will participate in conference call for any clarification. Owner is flexible with terms and conditions.
 Replies: 2 
Name: Ralph Abbott Phone: 614-484-7060 11/9/2018 4:01:05 AM
Company: Prospera Advisory Group Email:  
Unfortunately, this deal does not fit our box. Send me your contact information and I will send you our loan programs.
Name: Rob Thompson Phone: 800-457-5010 11/12/2018 9:42:54 AM
Company: Thompson DeWitt Financial Email:  
I would be interested in speaking to you about this loan. Feel free to forward me the executive summary along with your contact information.
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