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News stories about Loan profits

Nov 29, 2018  11:20 ET
Nonbank profits per loan sink in Q3
Nonbank mortgage profits continue to suffer as a result of the downturn in refinancing business, stiff competition for customers and higher costs, new tracking data suggests. Nonbanks rea...
Jun 6, 2018  10:45 ET
Nonbank loan-origination profitability sours
Nonbanks lost money originating mortgages in the first quarter, as per-loan profitability plunged into negative territory for just the second time in a decade, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA)...
Apr 17, 2018  9:20 ET
Mortgage profits plunge in 2017
Nonbanks saw their average loan profit nearly cut in half in 2017, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported. The profit averaged $711 per loan last year, down 47 percent from the ...
Jan 22, 2018  20:30 ET
Congress strikes deal to end government shutdown
Congress reached a deal on Monday to end the government shutdown, passing a temporary spending bill to reopen federal offices and bring back furloughed employees for three weeks. The deal will secure ...
Aug 29, 2017  11:40 ET
Non-bank loan profits soar in second quarter
Non-bank loan profits surged in the second quarter on higher volumes and lower expenses. Independent mortgage lenders reported a net gain of $1,122, a 401 percent gain over the $223 per ...
Jun 6, 2017  18:25 ET
Loan profits plummet on lower volumes
Nonbank profits on home mortgages fell steeply in the first quarter as production expenses rose with the sharp decline in volumes.  Lenders reported an average net gain of $224 per loan...
Apr 18, 2017  14:55 ET
Nonbank loan profits jumped in 2016
Despite rising production costs and increased regulation, nonbank lenders made more money in 2016 on the average mortgage than in 2015. The per-loan profit in 2016 averaged $1,346, up 13....
Mar 28, 2017  14:20 ET
Lenders sour on profit outlook
Lenders have been feeling less confident about their potential mortgage profits than in recent years, according to Fannie Mae. Senior executives polled by Fannie in February were optimisti...
Mar 21, 2017  16:05 ET
Loan profits fall steeply with surge in rates
Loan profits for nonbanks plummeted to end 2016, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. The net gain per loan averaged $575 in the fourth quarter, down from $1,773 in the previ...
Dec 8, 2016  9:40 ET
Nonbank loan profits rise
Nonbank loan profits continued to move up in the third quarter on higher loan volumes and lower origination expenses. The net gain per loan increased to $1,773, up 5 percent from the sec...
Sep 15, 2016  10:25 ET
Lender optimism surges with higher profits
Mortgage lenders are feeling more optimistic about their prospects for making money on home loans, according to Fannie Mae’s third quarter survey of lender sentiment. Some 28 percent o...
Mar 17, 2016  9:00 ET
Nonbank loan profits plummet after TRID
Loan profits for nonbanks plunged in the fourth quarter as expenses rose dramatically with the coming of TRID this past October, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported. Profits ...
Mar 8, 2016  16:10 ET
Lenders see rocky road ahead for loan profits, Fannie survey suggests
Mortgage bankers ended 2015 more pessimistic about their expected profits from home loans. Top executives increasingly lost confidence in loan profitability through the year, while facin...
Dec 8, 2015  9:15 ET
Lender loan profits fall sharply in the third quarter
Non-bank lenders netted less profits per loan in the third quarter but are still making considerably more money than a year ago, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported on Tuesday. ...
Aug 25, 2015  16:05 ET
Loan profits rise in second quarter
Loan profits for nonbank lenders rose 5.2 percent in the second quarter, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported Tuesday. Profits jumped to $1,522 per loan as a result of rising ...

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