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Top Originators 2009: #1 High Volume, No Assistants


Thomas Digan, Mortgage Master Inc.
#1: High Volume, No Assistants
Volume Rank: #9
Closed-Loans Rank: #11

Thomas Digan proved you don’t always need personal assistants to be a top producer. An originator with Mortgage Master Inc. in Walpole, Mass., Digan achieved his 2009 volume of $192 million on 587 loans without the support on which many originators depend.

“I would rather be the one who follows up with clients,” Digan says. “I explain that I’ll be with them from first contact to closing.”

Digan credits his processor with helping him complete loan files and noted that he also benefits from a company marketing coordinator who distributes periodic postcards on his behalf. Otherwise, he’s in control — “I take the application, discuss rates, review loan programs, all of it,” he says.

Several factors enable Digan to work solo at this level, he says. In addition to handling mostly refinances in 2009, his normal business is based fully on referrals — eliminating the need to chase leads.

In addition, the majority of his loans are done via phone contact, e-mails and overnight mail.

“I’ll give customers the option of meeting face-to-face, but communicating over the phone is more efficient, and [customers] are appreciative, as well," Digan says. "I’ll take the application and explain everything they need [to complete the transaction]ina few minutes.”

— David Robinson

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