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Top Originators 2012: #2 Top Purchase Volume


Brian Minkow, Prospect Mortgage
#2 Top Purchase Volume
Volume Rank: #9
Closed-Loans Rank: #14


Brian Minkow credits the support of his team and his company, Prospect Mortgage, with closing a total volume of $187,628,451 this past year.

Prospect continuously developed a better platform that helped originators close loans faster and simplified the process, he says. Minkow closed 507 loans in 2011, an increase from the 403 he closed in 2010.

His purchase loan volume increased this year, as well, earning him the No. 3 spot on our Top Purchase Volume list with more than $102 million in purchase loans. His percentage of purchases edged higher in his total volume with 55 percent this past year, an increase from 39 percent in 2010. Why this jump? “Realtors want to do business with me because they know I can get it done,” he says.

Minkow anticipates his purchase volume to grow even further this year, along with his total volume. As of the end of February, he doubled his volume compared to the same period a year ago. “I think in 2012 I should do $250 million [in total volume],” he says.

With $38,215,498 in Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans this past year, Minkow says FHA lending — though a little time-consuming at times — allowed him to help more homeowners. “With only 3.5 percent down, it is perfect for the first-time homebuyer,” he says.

This fits perfectly with what he enjoys most about the job, which is “to put people in their homes. It is the American dream,” Minkow says.

 —Rania Oteify

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