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Top Originators 2012: Company with Most Ranked Originators


Guaranteed Rate

#1: 2012 Company with Most Ranked Originators

> Originators on Top Volume List: 30
> Originators on Closed-Loans List: 17

Although significant increases in production were common in 2012, how many companies can say their volume increased 110 percent year over year? We know of at least one: Guaranteed Rate.

The company not only closed more than $14.7 billion in loans this past year — more than double its 2011 production of $6.8 billion — but it also earned the distinction of having the most ranked originators on our Top Dollar Volume list for the second year in a row. Guaranteed Rate’s 30 ranked originators closed more than $4.3 billion in volume on 13,272 closed loans. Those numbers also represent a more than 100 percent improvement over the previous year: Guaranteed Rate’s 21 top originators in 2011 closed more than  $2 billion in loans.

These strong numbers reflect the company’s commitment to serving its originators. “We are very focused on enabling our originators to focus on the thing they do best — sell — and removing all of the administrative tasks that take away from selling,” says Victor Ciardelli, president and CEO of Guaranteed Rate. “My goal is for all of my originators to work smarter, not harder.”

The growth in Guaranteed Rate’s number of top originators is echoed by the company’s overall growth. The company’s production volume has increased steadily since its founding in 2000, when it closed a mere $195 million in loans. Production growth has followed employee growth, as well. Based in Chicago, Guaranteed Rate now has 140 offices nationwide, employing more than 750 originators providing loans in 49 states plus Washington, D.C.

“The reason why we’ve been successful is that we’ve improved our value proposition to customers year after year, and we’re never satisfied with where we are,” Ciardelli says. “We’re relentlessly looking to be better every single day.” The company recently added new online tools to help make the loan process easier for borrowers and originators alike, and continued growth — on all fronts — is likely this year.

“Our recruiting activity is off the charts so far this year. We’re opening up new offices all around the country, we have a great, growing team of regional managers, and we’re talking to loan originators,” Ciardelli says. “At the most basic level, we’re designing a company that is a ‘nirvana’ for loan originators. Specifically, I want them to have a better platform so that they can do double the volume, make a lot more money and have time to spend with their families and friends outside work.”

— Jennifer E. Garrett

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