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Top Originators 2012: #1 Most Loans Closed


Harinder Johar, Guaranteed Rate
#1: 2012 Most Loans Closed
Volume Rank: #2
2011-2012 Change: #1


Here’s what closing 1,288 loans in a year looks like:

Monday, 8 a.m.: Closing. Tuesday, 1 a.m.: Closing. Thursday, 9 p.m.: Closing. Sunday, 3 p.m.: Taking applications; 6 p.m.: Closing.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat times 50 or so. Then flip the calendar.

“Nope, not a day off,” says Guaranteed Rate’s Harinder “Indy” Johar, who closed more loans than any other Top Originators entrant in 2012, good for $403,965,612 in loan volume. That’s roughly twice his 2011 total, which ranked him No. 4 by volume among originators.

For those who haven’t yet done the math: Yes, Johar averaged 3.5 closings a day in 2012. Some days he had as many as nine, especially when interest rates dipped.

Keeping track of that many borrowers takes serious focus — and a little something more. Johar says that for those nearly 1,300 loans, he made about 100 new friends. More important, he not only had a strong support team but also one that shared his dedication.

“If I was working seven days week, they all were,” he says.

Of course, Johar and his team are in fact human. And although they were on pace for $330 million in 2013 volume as of this past February, their goal is more like $200 million. Which is just fine, Johar says.

“I don’t want to remember 2012,” he says. “It was a crazy year. I kind of ruined my health, ruined my … that’s not normal.”

--Tony Stasiek

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