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Top Originators 2012: #2 Top Reverse Volume


Jim Sadler, Liberty Home Equity Solutions 
#2: 2012 Top Reverse Volume
Volume: $11,790,626
Percent Reverse Loans: 100%


Working with reverse mortgages requires originators not only to excel in selling loans, but also in building trust and rapport with senior-citizen clients. Jim Sadler at Liberty Home Equity Solutions closed more than $11 million in reverse mortgages in 2012, and he knows what it takes to work with this demographic.

“These clients want to work with someone they can trust and who can take the time to provide education and honest answers to their questions,” he says. For Sadler, it is important to understand clients’ financial challenges, design product solutions that meet their needs, and even accommodate their physical limitations.

This understanding wasn’t the only factor that helped Sadler increase his volume nearly fourfold from 2011. A streamlined sales process helped him close at a much higher rate, he says.

There also has been an increasing interest in reverse mortgages in this past year, although some of that interest didn’t lead to deals because of economic uncertainty.

“Now we are seeing many of those clients coming back to us with more serious intentions,” Sadler says. The market for reverse mortgage also is helped by appreciating property values and an expanding customer base, as many baby boomers reach the eligibility age. “We are starting to see a turnaround in real estate values, which means more home equity for reverse-mortgage clients,” he says.

As of this past February, his pace was 20 percent ahead of 2012. “The lost opportunities of 2012 may turn into 2013 closed loans. You just have to be patient,” Sadler says.

-- Rania Oteify

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