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Top Originators 2012: #3 Top Refinance Volume


Josh Lemos, W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital LLC
#3: 2012 Top Refinance Volume
Volume Rank: #6
Closed-Loans Rank: #9


This past year, refinances were the name of the game, and originators like Josh Lemos of Emery Financial/W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital admit that the nation’s record-low interest rates were at the heart of their skyrocketing refinance volumes. Lemos closed more than $290 million in refinance loans this past year.

Aside from the low rates, Lemos says an internal redesigning of deal flow, the support of Emery and its partner W.J. Bradley, and having a strong team were all integral to his ability to close a total volume of more than $307 million in 2012, up from nearly $183 million in 2011.

He expects increasing interest rates to reduce his volume as early as this year, however. “That is directly proportional to the interest-rate environment. If we see a massive rally in the bond market, then I can see 2013 passing 2012, [but] if we continue to see a sell-off in the bond market, then I see 2013 being a little bit better than 2011,” he says.

Lemos is hardly concerned as referrals from previous deals — 797 loans in 2012 alone — continue to roll in the door. “That base of clients still is referring new clients on a regular basis to refinance and for purchases,” he says.

To counter the expected reduction in business, Lemos plans to market through the Internet and the company’s referral sources. “We will continue to give those clients the tools that assist them in [sending] more referrals to us. We will continue to market to the outside, as well,” he says.

-- Rania Oteify


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