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Top Originators 2012: #1 Top FHA-Volume Ratio


Marlene Barlow, Primary Residential Mortgage Inc.
#1: 2012 Top FHA-Volume Ratio
FHA-Volume Rank: #36
Percent FHA Loans: 100%


When you do one thing, it helps to do it well. Primary Residential Mortgage Inc.’s Marleen Barlow does Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans, and judging by her position in the Top Originator rankings, she does them well.

This past year, Barlow closed $24,055,135 in total volume from 116 loans — and 100 percent of those loans were FHA refinances. It helps that her office specializes in this product, but FHA loans offer their own unique set of challenges. “You have to stay up-to-date with FHA changes and the announcements they make,” Barlow says. “The mortgage-insurance rates change a lot.”

Keeping borrowers apprised of these changes is just one of the keys to her success. Because much of her business is based on referrals, it’s critical to ensure that her clients remain informed and happy throughout the loan process, she says. “I make sure my borrowers understand the process the whole way through, so they’re happy,” Barlow says. “Then they’re happy to deal with me again — and to tell their friends.”

The referrals keep coming in, and this year is off to a good start, Barlow says. She anticipates that her 2013 volume will be higher than 2012 — if for sheer efficiency alone. “Last year, I processed a lot of my own loans, so that was a lot more work,” Barlow says. “I’m training a new processor dedicated to just me and that will help me do more loans and be more efficient.”

-- Jennifer E. Garrett

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