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Top Originators 2012: #2 Most Years in Business


Mary Dinkins, Cornerstone Home Lending Inc.
#2: 2012 Most Years in Business
Volume Rank: #143
Years in Business: #32

After more than 32 years in the mortgage industry, Mary Dinkins has seen a lot of repeat clients and referral business. “If you do the job right the first time around, the clients will come back,” she says. “I am now lending money to their kids.”

Those referrals and repeat business are a large part of why Dinkins closed more than $104 million in total volume this past year. Experience and knowledge certainly played a role, as well. “You have to know the overlays and guidelines for all investors,” she says. “I think the biggest problem in our industry is lack of knowledge.” Dinkins isn’t afraid to go the extra mile and do her homework on any loans that may be outside of the conventional box.

Being sure that she understands a loan’s complexities is critical to her goal of closing the loan on time. “So many lenders don’t care about the closing date,” Dinkins says. “Our company mission is to close loans on time. We have to move quickly, and we will, and people know that.”

Based in Dallas, Dinkins is the regional president at Cornerstone Home Lending Inc. and divides her time between managing several offices and originating. “Trying to do both some days is not easy,” she admits. Despite her multitude of duties, she enjoys her job. “There’s no transaction that’s the same,” Dinkins says. “And I love providing the dream of homeownership to each and every one.”

-- Jennifer E. Garrett

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