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Top Originators 2012: #3 Top Volume Gain


Stephen Campbell, Mortgage Master Inc.
#3: 2012 Top Volume Gain
Volume Rank: #57
Closed-Loans Rank: #105


2012 was an improvement over 2011 for Stephen Campbell — a $129 million improvement, in fact. After closing $20.4 million in loans in 2011, he closed more than $149 million in total loan volume this past year.

Record-low interest rates contributed to a strong year for refinances all around, and Campbell closed more than $147 million in refinances in 2012. Low rates weren’t the only thing that led to his success, however. “The rates are a big part of it, but we’ve had low rates for a long time,” Campbell says. “It was more about Mortgage Master for me. It has to do with offering great products and getting  loans closed.”

He attributes much of his success to his company’s experienced and efficient processors and underwriters. “I can spend my time taking loan applications, and I can price and quote a loan all in one call,” Campbell says. “Before [I joined Mortgage Master], I would spend all my time processing and pricing loans.”

He also attributes some of his jump in volume to building up a strong referral base. “The more clients I get, the more referrals I get,” Campbell says. Closing loans quickly and with low rates often leads to satisfied customers, but Campbell also enjoys helping clients when others couldn’t. “You’ll get people that say, ‘You can’t help me,’ and you figure it out for them, and they write you thank-you letters,” he says. “That has its own rewards. Every day you wake up, and you feel like you’re doing something to help.”

-- Jennifer E. Garrett

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