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Residential Department: Featured Top Originator: Eric Almquist: October 2012


Featured Top Originator: Eric Almquist

Eric Almquist, First National Bank, No. 19 Most Loans Closed (2011)

Based in Omaha, Neb., First National Bank’s Eric Almquist admits that his market’s average loan size is smaller than it would be in some other states. But that’s not slowing him down: Almquist closed 438 loans in 2011, enough to rank him No. 19 on Scotsman Guide’s Most Loans Closed list.

Those loans added up to more than $83 million in total volume, the majority of which consisted of refinances. Even so, Almquist says that he doesn’t specifically target refis.

“It just works out that, when you’ve been in the business for 15 years and people generally have a good experience when they work with you, they’re going to call you back,” he says.

Although refis made up the majority of his business in 2011, that may soon be changing. Like many originators, Almquist recently has seen an increase in his purchase business — a surge that may bring even more success this year.

“I think 2012 will probably be my largest volume year in dollars, and it’ll probably be the largest unit year that I’ve had in my career,” he says.

Regardless of his volume’s makeup, however, one thing always will be present in Almquist’s business: customer communication that is clear and easy to understand.

“There’s a fine line between too much information and not enough information,” he says, “and if you as an originator can find the balance so that the consumer understands what you’re talking about without over explaining it or under explaining it, it makes your process go a lot faster and a lot smoother."

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