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Residential Department: From the Editor: October 2012


From the Editor

Technology plays an increasing role in our day-to-day lives. From checking e-mail on our smartphones to using GPS to navigate, technological tools are at our fingertips virtually from sunrise to sunset. These tools ostensibly serve us, but often it can feel as though we are tethered to them and the demands they make on our time.

This is especially true for mortgage originators, who often must be constantly accessible to make sure that loans close smoothly. Learning to use these tools to save time — not waste it — is critical to both being successful and having work-life balance. On Page 64, Liberty First Capital’s Michael Mekler takes a look at the tools available to today’s mortgage originators — from blogs to customer-relations-management software — and breaks down what you need to know and to use to be successful.

Refinances are big business in today’s housing market, and recent changes to the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) may mean even more refinance business. DataQuick’s Randy Wussler writes on how automated systems can help mortgage originators find qualified customers for HARP 2.0 on Page 21.

For mortgage bankers and correspondent lenders, a lot of the technology used in daily operations comes from third-party vendors. Choosing which vendors to work with can be difficult, but Xerox Mortgage Services’ Ken Marlin says that a lot can be learned from elite athletes when deciding which traits are most important in technology vendors. Check out the four winning attributes on Page 24. GoldenOmega’s Timi Pereira also examines all the features and functions that mortgage originators need from their industry-related software on Page 46.

Social media and networking sites have become some of the most popular technological tools today, but it can be daunting to get started in what often seems like an over-saturated market. Extreme Content Media LLC’s Anthony Eddolls explains how to use blogging and other social media to not only find customers but also to educate them. Learn more on Page 44.

Regardless of what gadgets or websites are most trendy today, technology plays a vital role in the mortgage-origination business. Learning about the tools that can help you streamline your workflow, cut costs and improve client communication is critical to being successful in today’s market.


Jennifer Garrett was an editor at Scotsman Guide. For questions on this article, call (800) 297-6061 or e-mail

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