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Residential Department: Q&A: Rhonda Porter, Mortgage Master Service Corp.: October 2012


Q&A: Rhonda Porter, Mortgage Master Service Corp.

Rhonda Porter, mortgage originator and blogger, Mortgage Master Service Corp.

From social media platforms to loan origination systems, technology seems to grow as quickly as the mortgage industry itself. Blogs and sites like Twitter and Facebook have changed the way that originators communicate with their clients, and more online technologies undoubtedly are on their way. Rhonda Porter, a mortgage originator with Mortgage Master Service Corp. and author of The Mortgage Porter blog (, recently talked with us about online technologies in today’s mortgage industry.

How has blogging and social media changed your origination business?

It’s completely changed it. For one, the majority of my business does come from my blog and the articles I write. It’s helped me reduce my marketing costs, and I also use it a lot even in daily communication with clients. For example, I refer a lot to certain posts that just outline parts of the process; it’s like writing a letter of explanation.

What are consumers looking for when they read industry sites?

What consumers seem to want the most is to know what rates are doing. That’s one thing that I’ve used Twitter for: providing a current rate quote. Of course, I include APR [annual percentage rate], but I also try to include enough specifics in those 140 characters so that the people who are reading it can get an idea of what their rates may be. Maybe their credit scores are lower or higher than what I’m quoting, but they can figure out a rough range of where rates are heading.

How do you determine the content for your blog?

Oftentimes, an article will come to me because I’m getting ready to write an e-mail to a client, and it’ll dawn on me that ‘Hey, this would be a great post,’ because it may be something that I answer several times a month or throughout the day over and over again. So, instead of writing the e-mail, I’ll write a blog post and then I’ll send that to my client. They’re typically almost flattered that I’ve taken the time to write a post about them, though I don’t name them or anything like that.

What advice would you give to originators who want to expand their online presence?

They should just give it a try and not be worried about it. A lot of people worry that it’s going to be a lot of time or that they can’t do it, but once you start, writing a blog post is no different than writing an e-mail: You have the body, which is the message, and the subject line can almost be a title. Some people also fear that it’s too late to start and that the market is already inundated with blogs, but I don’t think that’s the case at all. Mortgage originators should also promote their blogs; you can’t expect Google to find you within just a few days. Give it at least six months to a year, I’d say. Make sure to share it. Add it to your business card, and maybe even send out a postcard to your client database to let them know about it.


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