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Residential Department: Featured Top Originator: Franco Tamburrino: December 2012


Featured Top Originator: Franco Tamburrino

Franco Tamburrino, Coast 2 Coast Funding Group Inc., No. 60 Top Dollar Volume (2011)

For someone who’s had so much success in the past, Franco Tamburrino likes to keep an eye on the future. As more and more consumers take advantage of historically low interest rates, fewer and fewer consumers will want to refinance when rates eventually rise again, he says. That’s why Tamburrino works hard to keep his purchase business flowing at a time when many mortgage professionals are concentrating on refinances.

“When rates start to come up, the refis should dry up,” Tamburrino says. “A lot of people are focusing on refinances, but I find that if I focus more and more on purchases, [my Realtor connections] give me more volume — it’s not just a one-time deal like it is with a refinance — and then when the market does start to turn, I’ll be at the starting line before my competition.”

Tamburrino’s strategy certainly seems to be working. A mortgage banker for Coast 2 Coast Funding Group Inc., he closed 357 loans and more than $92 million in loan volume in 2011, which represents year-over-year increases from his production in 2010.

“We’ve been fortunate enough that the phone just rings,” Tamburrino says. “We take good care of our clients and give them the best deals possible, and it’s done us right.”

As impressive as his 2011 business was, Tamburrino says that 2012 has shaped up to be even better.

“I hit last year’s production figures in August of this year,” Tamburrino says. “I think there’s a lot of opportunity out there. Guidelines may be tougher than they were at one time, but I think that if you focus on working with what you’ve got, you can be extremely successful in today’s market."

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