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Residential Department: From The Editor: August 2019


From The Editor

Build your career by the book

r_2019-08_FTEOne of the things that sets Scotsman Guide apart as a magazine is who contributes the articles. These are people who are in the business, understand the industry and do the same work you do day in and day out.

These professionals bring their collective wisdom to help originators understand new loan programs, approach daily tasks in a novel way or overcome challenges confronting everybody. And let’s face it: The mortgage industry has experienced a great number of challenges over the past decade.

First, there was a wave of new regulations after the housing meltdown, then there was a rush of technological advancements and now the demographics of borrowers are evolving. Handling this change can be an adjustment.

In this career and training edition of the magazine, the contributors come together again to address ways to deal with so much disruption. The best way, perhaps the only way, to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving environment is to commit to learning more about your craft every day.

This can be a financially rewarding industry, but you’re also fulfilling an important role in your communities. You’re helping people realize the dream of homeownership and take control of their financial futures. That’s worth the effort.

In the cover story this month, J. Tony Thompson of the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America notes just how much upheaval has affected the industry. He makes the case on Page 37 that continued education, be it for the love of learning or the fear of getting left behind, are both powerful motivators.

United Wholesale Mortgage’s Mat Ishbia writes on Page 52 that you need to look inward if you want to become the best broker or loan officer you can be. He gives some helpful advice on how to accomplish that. On Page 55, Dennis Black of Dennis Black & Associates discusses an overlooked tool to create a personal connection with borrowers: your phone.

On Page 76, Community Home Lenders Association board member David Wind argues in a Viewpoint that Congress should revisit the SAFE Act. He questions whether it is competitively fair across the industry and whether it’s doing enough to protect borrowers.

Direct Path Coaching’s Eric Tishaw writes on Page 81 that one way to connect with real estate agents and other referral partners is to help them with their video marketing techniques. He offers some useful tips on how to do that.

On Page 114, Castle & Cooke Mortgage’s Joseph Massey warns that originators who fail to continue to learn, and to really delve into the intricacies of the business, are at risk of killing their career. On Page 119, CreditXpert’s Rosa Mumm writes that originators should understand what matters and what doesn’t matter on a borrower’s credit score. Knowing those details can push your client across the finish line.

One note: Sharp-eyed readers of the magazine will notice that the percentage symbol is now being used with numerals. In the past, the magazine has spelled out the word “percent.” Scotsman Guide is conforming with new style from The Associated Press in using the symbol.


Jim Davis is editor of Scotsman Guide Residential Edition. Reach him at (800) 297-6030 or

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