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Residential Department: From The Editor: September 2019


From The Editor

Show and tell your way to business success

r_2019-09_FTETake out your smartphone, navigate to your favorite social media app and scroll down the feed. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another site, you’ll likely find a video playing before you get too far.

Maybe it’s a video of a family member showing off a new baby. Maybe it’s something viral that’s catching the zeitgeist of the moment. Or maybe it’s an advertisement for a movie, TV show or some other product.

The content itself is beside the point. The takeaway is that video is prevalent in everybody’s lives. Social media accounts are typically a mix of memes, videos and, hopefully, an occasional update on friends and family. In this edition of Scotsman Guide, which focuses on marketing, a couple of authors urge mortgage originators to capitalize on this reality. Originators who want to get their message in front of prospects need to consider using video.

On Page 39, Sarah DeCiantis of United Wholesale Mortgage writes that video offers a personal connection with homebuyers, especially those in the millennial generation. On Page 54, Ryan Ehler of Price Mortgage LLC writes that video is a great way to build your brand and tell the story of your business. Both authors make the case that originators don’t need expensive, studio-quality videos to reach prospects. Instead, videos made on your smartphone can bring a sense of authenticity that works well on social media.

Some originators may not be ready to use video, while some may be struggling to get onto social media altogether. That’s OK. Another September author, Erin Addesso of Triple Threat Success Coaching and Marketing, writes on Page 57 that social media is one of the most powerful tools for not only reaching clients, but referral partners as well. She offers excellent advice to overcome inertia and make the leap into social media.

On Page 87, Mike Eshelman of Jornaya writes about how marketing has changed from attempting to get as many online clicks as possible in order to convert prospects into clients. The new idea, Eshelman says, should be to get in front of clients at the right time, and he argues that data-as-a-service companies can help achieve this goal.

On other topics, Freddie Mac’s Chris Boyle helped start a program at her company called #LeadingTheWay that is designed to advance women into mortgage industry leadership positions. She writes on Page 64 about why it’s smart business to embrace diversity of thought and talent in the workforce. On Page 70, Kara Taylor of Attom Data Solutions writes that creative use of property data can be a key part of a strategy to attract clients, but it also can increase internal efficiencies while reducing risks for mortgage companies.

On Page 125, Deephaven Mortgage’s Michael Brenning offers advice for how originators can go from being successful when the housing market is doing well to being perpetually successful. It’s good advice for anyone in the industry.

This edition also features another installment of a new quarterly series on the foreclosure market by Daren Blomquist of On Page 34, Blomquist writes that while foreclosures are down nationwide, there are some notable cities with increasing foreclosures and he offers reasons why. Thanks for reading this edition of Scotsman Guide.


Jim Davis is editor of Scotsman Guide Residential Edition. Reach him at (800) 297-6030 or

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