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Stated Income Loans  


Advancial Federal Credit Union
Asset depletion only up to 75% LTV for O/O. Max loan amount is $3M and max cash-out is $1.5M. Minimum 680 score.
Lending Territory: NATIONWIDE

Amerifund Home Mortgage
Alternative income is OK.
Lending Territory: NATIONWIDE except AL, KS, KY, LA, MN, MO, MS, MT, WY

Citadel Servicing Corp.
Completely stated income for investment property loans to 65% LTV. Owner-occupied can use bank statements to show income. 
Lending Territory: AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, NC, OR, TX, UT, VA, WA

Equity Wave Lending
Business purpose loans, stated income stated assets, OO or NOO, no recession, competitive rates, refi or purchase, bankruptcy ok, previous foreclosure ok, no FICO, no credit ok, SFR, condo, multiple dwelling on one parcel, commercial, vesting in LLC, trust or corporation ok, LTV up to 70% (case by case), loan amount from $50K-$2M, 1-5 year terms, 0-1 year prepayment penalty, payment is 40 year amortization or I/O.
Lending Territory: CA

No-doc loans from $15K-$1M, 17-yr. term. Aggressive rates, high LTVs, no prepays or balloons. Loans to self-directed IRAs and transaction funding. 24-hr. funding. No appraisals needed. Fire insurance only.   
Lending Territory: NATIONWIDE ex. AK, AZ, CA, ND, NV, NY, OR, SD, UT, VT

FMC Lending 
Stated income, stated assets, state no ratio and no doc loan programs available. Direct private money lender - asset based. Fast 7-day close. No credit needed. Bad credit OK. 400+ FICO allowed. Bankruptcy allowed. Foreclosure bailout allowed. Debtor in possession allowed. No doc stated loan programs; non-owner or second home. No tax returns. No bank statements. All property types. All property conditions allowed. Same day approvals. 70-75% LTV. 80% case-by-case. 
Lending Territory: CA, CO, DC, FL, NC, TX, WA

Pacific Private Money Loans
Stated income on owner (business use) and non-owner properties. Up to 65% on refinance and 72% on purchase loan. Direct lender with same day LOI. Broker friendly with superior customer service. Call or e-mail for more information on programs.
Lending Territory: CA

Sprout Mortgage
No income verification and no ratio for NOO up to 75% LTV at $1M and 70% LTV at $2M. Larger loan sizes available with compensating factors.
Lending Territory: NATIONWIDE except HI, MO, NY, UT, VA

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