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Subscription Policy


Scotsman Guide's residential and commercial editions are available only to licensed mortgage originators and not to the general public.

We provide one free, ongoing subscription to Scotsman Guide's residential and/or commercial edition to each licensed mortgage originator. Click here to subscribe.

New subscriptions typically take about 6 weeks to process. Your first issue should arrive near the first of the month after processing.

If you require more than one copy of each edition, please order additional copies at the rates listed below.

Either Residential or Commercial............................$40 per year
Both Residential and Commercial............................$50 per year
Each additional copy of Residential or Commercial....$10 per year

To subscribe for additional copies at an annual subscription rate, call (800) 297-6061 or send a check payable to: Scotsman Guide Media, P.O. Box 692, Bothell WA 98041-0692. For credit-card payment, click below to print a PDF authorization form to fax or mail.

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