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Loan Post


On Scotsman Guide Loan Post brokers find the right lender for the client and lenders find leads.  There are two Loan Post bulletin boards — residential and commercial.  Mortgage brokers post residential or commercial loan scenarios for free.  Lenders who advertise in Scotsman Guide are able to post replies. View the FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions. Contact for assistance.

Click Log In, above, to create your account. Login to your existing account to update your contact information, change your password and set your Loan Post preferences.

  1. Brokers set up their accounts during the initial login procedure.
  2. Lender accounts are set up by Scotsman Guide.
  3. Thousands of loan scenarios with replies are searchable to find the right lender for conforming and non-conforming situations.
  4. Lenders with display ads can have scenarios that match their lending criteria e-mailed to them.
  5. Lenders with display ads can view the posting broker's contact information when they post replies.
  6. Brokers are notified when there is a reply, by e-mail alert.

Residential Loan Post: Look here for Prime, FHA/VA/Govt,  Alt-A, Subprime, Hard Money, Construction and Other/Niche residential loan scenarios. Residential Loan Post includes vacation homes, non-owner-occupied residential properties and any residential properties with 1 to 4 units.

Commercial Loan Post: Look here for Commercial, Multifamily, Hard Money, Construction and Other/Niche commercial loan scenarios. Commercial Loan Post includes any properties that are income-producing and residential properties with 5+ units.




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